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Back Office Services
Effective Process

's Back Office services provide access to world-class technology and infrastructure. Our strategic and integrated approach of delivering cross-border, multi-process, end-to-end business solutions ensures that we are able to provide sustainable service delivery, strong internal controls, and the scalability/ flexibility to support growth in different countries.

We provide a full range of the following Back Office Services:


ITQuest offers a full range of back office services for the insurance industry. Our solutions would help client achieve substantial cost savings without compromising on quality.

We provide the following services specific to the Insurance industry:

  Back Office- Transaction Processing

Application Processing

Claim Processing


Medical History
Hazardous Questionnaire
Commissions and Licensing
Case Management
Policy Issuance


ITQuest offers comprehensive back office solutions for banks and financial institutions. Our solutions would help client focus on their core activities and achive substantial cost savings.

We provide the following services specific to the Banking industry:

  Back Office- Transaction Processing

Loan Processing (Origination to Closing)

Cheque Processing

Accounting Services

Payroll Management

ITQuest provides a comprehensive range of payroll services to meet client business requirements. We endeavor to provide quality services at substantial cost savings forclient to help manage their business and focus on their core activities. We have the resources and the people to manage and administer your back office payroll activities.

Our services relating to Payroll Management consist of:

  Back Office

Maintenance of Employee Database

Payroll Processing

Tax and Compliance Management

Benefits Administration
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