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Project Management
Better Management

In Today's Hi-tech and complex business process era, Project Management has evolved from a static or linear methodology consisting of basic schedules and task lists to a multi-dimensional level of complexity touching every part of the business; process, including multiple offices locations, remote resources, and diverse skills and roles.

Current discrete technologies that try to attend to Multidimensional Project Management will not provide the necessary business infrastructures; only a business management solution that covers all project processes and elements can address the complexities of Multi-dimensional Project Management.

A single business management solution requires ONE centralized place for all project data as well as ONE secure portal accessible by many, including employees, vendors, suppliers and customers (with different rights, roles and secure access). By having all aspects of the business share information, greater efficiencies, more fluid decision making processes including reduced operational costs, will evolve through centralized Multi-dimensional Project Management. By associating and incorporating all affected processes from all departments, offices and resources, only then can Multidimensional Project Management achieve a greater success rate.

Through greater centralization of critical business information, companies can put themselves in an improved position to have a better-trained staff and foster more immediate and seamless communication throughout the organization. Businesses will ultimately decrease the complexities of Multidimensional Project Management, while increasing productivity and ROI.

ITQuest helps industry to develop net-centric or client server tool to help the company manage and track their project towards better project management ability within company.

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