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Professional Approach

Outsource to experts : Redefining Consulting

Today's competitive environment demands Result not knowledge. ITQuest consultants are real hard core professionals from respective domain background and fully up to date to provide end to end solutions to their customers.

We work with customer's to determine business objectives, understand "how work gets done" in their organization and work to improve people, process, and technology through our redefined consulting expertise.

Organizational Effectiveness

Our Organizational Effectiveness services help you take advantage of changes ranging from consolidations to large-scale business transformations.

We specialize in structuring and managing transitions. Our processes increase employee productivity and morale. Our systems disseminate knowledge that helps individuals-and entire companies-adjust, realign, and be more effective.

Once we've worked together to identify your needs, ITQuest can provide every step in the process. Communication and training plans. Succession planning services. Mentoring, training and much more.

Your plan will be crafted to ensure buy-in at every level. We also include quantitative end-of-initiative analysis, so your ultimate objective of increasing organizational performance is always met.

Project Assessment and Recovery

Your business-critical initiative is behind schedule and over budget. Deliverables are vague or nonexistent. Your project is in trouble . but count on ITQuest's proven project assessment and recovery process to help you regain complete control.

Through key stakeholder interviews and review of the project documentation, ITQuest carefully analyzes each project component to identify the highest risks to successful delivery. We clearly align scope, schedule, budget and resource plans to position business-critical projects for successful delivery.

Working directly with your project team and key stakeholders, we ensure that the new project plan accurately addresses business objectives. We assess the project team to ensure that the right skills are deployed the right way on the project. And we put the right tools in place to enable effective monitoring and reporting of project performance.

Application Refresh

Our experts can engineer a redesign of your application that's up-to-date, easily accessed for updates, and perfectly integrated with your current systems.

Our fixed-bid option ensures value and timeliness. You'll get a definite timeline with quality assurance, checkpoints, stringent unit testing, and seamless integration management. Knowledgeable resources include specialists for on-site development. We also use dedicated offshore teams that provide extremely high-value software redevelopment.

ITQuest provides experts fluent in archaic and obscure languages. No matter how old or obsolete your program is, we offer a seamless reintroduction to your current systems.

System Planning

You need .

Projects that succeed, plain and simple.

We deliver .

Comprehensive consideration of your company's culture, processes, and available technologies, crossed with industry experience and formulated into a plan that succeeds.

ITQuest Knowledge includes best practices in scope, timeline, budget management and risk mitigation to ensure that your system, however complex and far-reaching, is crafted to accommodate every variable. Our approach is completely methodology-neutral. Our partnerships with key vendors give us the know-how to select and recommend your best options.

Expectations are set at realistic levels, and unpleasant surprises are kept to a minimum. We even take into consideration your company's hardware and infrastructure. Our experts can recommend build vs. buy options to give you the best use of your money.

Staff Augmentation

Even the best team can use more bandwidth. ITQuest is ready to help make your project a success through our staff augmentation services. Our consultants:

Are experts in industry best practices

Have a variety of technology specific certifications

Average 10 years of industry experience

Regularly speak at industry events, write articles for trade publications

Planning. Development. Implementation. Maintenance. Measurement. No matter where your organization is in the development life cycle, our consultants are ready to assure your project success.

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